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Welcome to the website where you can find information on military vehicles used by the Canadian Military in the post-war years.

We have built this website for several reasons. The main reason is to preserve the heritage of these vehicles and the memory of the men and women that served our country who spent hundreds if not thousands of hours driving them. Another reason is to help enthusiasts get the information they need to restore their military vehicle or just add that authentic touch its been missing.

The preservation of military vehicles is an important one. More and more these days, governments as well as the military no longer wish to sell military vehicles to the public for concerns of possible liabilies. So the trucks are either being sold as scrap, or not being sold to the public at all. If this trend continues, future generations will no longer be able to see and interact with these pieces of our history, other than in a museum. This is a great shame, as one cannot truely appreciate these vehicles without touching or sitting inside of them to experience what our men and women in uniform went through. Viewing them from behind a ropped off area is not the same. Also by keeping these vehicles in running condition, they can be used in parades and other outdoor activities where most museum pieces are generally not displayed.


You can click on one of the links in the above menu to bring you to a page on a particular vehicle. There you will find information on the vehicle, including what it is, how it was used, technical specifications and pictures. Several of the pages are still a work in progress and have yet to be completed. Information is also being added all the time to the various pages, giving you more information at your fingertips. Also, if you have information to add, please drop us a line and let us know. The more information we can add to the site, the more we can help others.

Come on, don't let an old soldier down. Get in a army truck and keep the memory alive!




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